Sashi, hot on her Eels

Sashi is sad because she has to write a school report about Indonesian shortfin eels and she does not know anything about them.

In the evening, she goes to the local lake near her house. As she walks along the path around the lake, she witnesses a sack full of dead eels. She is shocked.

Manu (the villain) warns Sashi to not tell anyone about this incident (spotting eels that were caught from the lake).

Sashi is tired of being bullied and decides to focus on saving the eels in the lake.

She reports the incident to her teacher; however, the teacher ignores her and later asks her to forget about the incident.

All of Sashi’s friends and teachers blame her for the undesired attention that their school is receiving after the eels incident. Sashi does some research by herself on the threat to the eels in such urban lakes. She writes an article for the local newspaper. The article is published and becomes very popular.

Today, Sashi knows a lot about eels. She is now considered as the savior of these eels in her school.

Author-Bala Ramadurai, COEXIST Team

This story helps in increasing awareness about topics highlighted in SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities and SDG 15: Life on Land.

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